If you are into the retail or hospitality sector, retail environment design and branding is the need of the hour for your brand. When your outlets or establishments are spread across many locations, it is of outmost importance that there is a standardization of the brand image projected across each one of them through a common environemtn design. Successful environment branding results in higher brand recall, brand recognition and enhanced brand identity to your target customers giving them a holistic experience of the service or product offered by your brand.
We at Moran Creatives, being one of the top retail design firms in Nairobi, specialize in providing complete retail design solutions through:

•    Logo Designing
•    Ambience Enhancement
•    Design and Graphics
•    Packaging Designing
•    Environment Analysis
•    Store Image and Identity
•    Planning of Displays

•    Signage

Benefits of Environment Branding

•    Maximising revenue - Higher brand recognition and recall increases walk-ins in the outlets
•    Maximising return on investment - High brand recall value and publicity
•    Minimising costs - Standardisation of design elements that reduces the cost of outlet expansion

With an interdisciplinary team that includes specialists in retail store design, brand strategy, development and positioning, research, marketing communications, graphic design and interior architecture, we ensure complete retail design solutions for your brand
Our approach delivers increased sales, improved brand positioning and customer recognition making us the go to retail design agency for all your needs.